Connect Multiple Branch Devices Without Intranet
AKT Direct helps you to connect multiple devices, share information, transfer data of all your branches located worldwide. Connecting devices across all your worldwide branches doesn’t require any intranet connections. It can be done via AKT Direct License on one machine and internet connection. Isn’t it amazing?
Security Data Transfer
Secured Data transfer from one branch to other branch, with no hassles or headaches. Use AKT Direct service for secured data transfers between devices. AKT Direct protects all your valuable data, information with advanced security controls, encryption key management and complete information governance.
Low Internet Speed
AKT Direct connects devices of multiple branches even on low internet speed so you don’t need to worry about anything. Low internet speed is hardly a matter of concern. Low internet speed cannot stop you from connecting devices.
Online Data Transfer
User needs to ensure that both the devices are on in order to transfer the data from one device to another in Online mode. Suppose if headquarters is situated in Dubai and another branch is in Bengaluru then both the devices of both the branches should be kept on in order to build connectivity and transfer data between both the devices.
Offline Data Transfer
For offline data transfer the source device transfers the data to the destination. At that time of data transfer, if the destination machine is off then also AKT Direct would transfer the data to another device. Whenever the destination machine is turned on or comes Online, the data will be automatically loaded to that machine and you will get the entire data.
Cost Effective
AKT Direct is cost effective as compared to other modes as it connects devices located in multiple locations via internet. No special hardware is required to connect devices and share information.
Completely Managed
AKT Direct offers an international connectivity platform to connect all your branch offices / stores in a future proof and unified way, with several optional add-ons resulting in a great end-user and customer experience. AKT Direct has a great track record of connecting devices, sharing crucial information and is unique in the way which can be offered seamlessly on an international scale.